Friday, April 16, 2010

A well deserved mark!!!

Well i am so so chuffed with my dissertation. I wrote about Adolf Hilter and the Nazis which can be a very controversial subject. My aim was to explore the Nazi Aesthetic and to see how influential this was on the world and how this still remains in todays society. My hard work has paid off and i am very pleased with how it looks!!

Cowboys and Indians!!

Oh i forgot to tell you all about my last project which was inspired by Western films. I produced some samples for gift wrap and also created some pieces for hen and stag do party packs. I didn't get a great mark for it so was annoyed at that but I am putting all my effort into this final project which will be exhibited.

Scary Scary!!!

Well i only have a month left of my degree!! A very scary thought indeed. I am currently doing my final project which is for menswear design inspired by gothic architecture. I have really enjoyed this project and i am confident of my final samples so far!!